Make sure you got the long version! The long version is always better!!!

Stained glass window art from Holy Spirit Parish in Stevens Point, WI

From on 2 February 2020 — earlier this year…when the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord fell on a Sunday…2 February is always the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord — but it shares the readings from this past Sunday’s Feast of the Holy Family 🙂

Today’s Gospel: Luke 2:22-40 

This year, since the Feast of the Presentation falls on a Sunday, everyone gets to hear the story of the day Mary and Joseph officially give their son to the church and to the world. And nobody knows except them, and God, and two other people.

Mary and Joseph effectively use their faith and obedience to God in the Old Law to escort the New Law — in the person of Jesus — into the world. We also know from this story that Jesus was born into poverty by the 2 turtle doves purchased and offered. This was the smallest, least expensive option for sacrifice available in the temple laws.

And from this story we meet Simeon and Anna the prophetess and we get Simeon’s Canticle. Now, O God, let Your servant go. And Mary and Joseph get some #StraightTalk about what this parenthood journey will cost them.

Simeon is maybe my favorite supporting character in all of scripture. He has only one scene, this one. But his role has been long-term. He has patiently waited in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He has trusted in God. He has listened and been obedient. And while he waited he remained faithful, centered, focused, present, and nothing distracts him. He shows up everyday. He is singular in his longing. He reminds me of God Himself.

A dear friend and mentor once posed a question to me in a time of difficult discernment: What if God, like Simeon, is patiently waiting for me to present myself, to give myself really and fully to Him?


If I’m standing just outside those temple doors, what am I waiting for? If I’m not standing close to those temple doors, where am I in my journey?


God, I desire to present all that I am to You. I know You are waiting for me. Help me to be holy and bold and brave and authentic in all I do today.


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